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About Pam Hovey Photography

Pam took a sabbatical from her highly successful, long-running TV show of 13 years, Unity with Pam, to launch and pursue her love of photography. She loves to capture photographic moments of couples, pets, make up artists, high school seniors, family, work outs, and more. Her work connects individuals with a multi-dimensional perspective of their attributes, e.g., outer/inner beauty, uniqueness, and talents/gifts – "captured thru the eye of the camera in a shot". She is studying under the mentorship of good friend and well-known photographer, Greg Grice.

A native of Columbus, GA, she is married to retiree Sgt. Harry R. Hovey and is the proud stepmother of three children. At the age of 18, Pam started a janitorial service which, with her long-time and devoted partner "Red”, continues to grow in the Columbus & surrounding areas.

Along with being a woman-owned entrepreneur, she has authored her first romance novel. As if the prior mentioned isn't ambitious enough, Pam enjoys serving as a member of the Move of God Ministries (MOGM), Church of God in Christ. This important stewardship allows her the opportunity to support her parents, Pastor Will A. Willis, Jr. and Co-Pastor Emma Willis, with many of their church programs including Sunday school to their youth. In this role and in her many other endeavors, she receives support from her older sister, a nephew (both Columbus residents), her husband, and that of her much-loved community.


1992 - Shaw High School Graduate (vocational diploma)
1992 - Youth entrepreneur WRBL News, Great Expectations Award
2001 - Featured on Black Entertainment Television for advocating for senior citizens’ equitable life insurance rights (advocacy work legislated House Bill #1078)
2003 - Married Sgt. Harry R. Hovey and became stepmother to three children
2003 - Under the MOGM’s Ministry leadership, organized Men and Women of Faith Conference receiving city proclamation
2005 - Launched TV show, Unity with Pam (UWP)
2013 - Started UWP Kids' Broadcast Program at Wesley Heights Elem. School
2015 - Released romance novel, Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda
2016 - Pursues Photography Profession
2018 - Receives Doctrate of Divinity degree from Living Faith School for Ministry, Champaign, IL

2018, 2019, 2021 - Columbus State University presents Columbus Photographers' Exhibit

2021   - Bo Bartlett Art Exhibit

2021   - Columbus, Ga Musuem The Meaning of Home Art Exhibit